showcase image Jacqueline has more than 30 years of experience as a manager, consultant and life coach. During her professional career in management, Jacqueline has always maintained a strong interest in personal growth and holistic health approaches, she has followed various trainings given by experts and teachers from different fields throughout Europe, America and Asia. In recent years, Jacqueline has reoriented her career towards Energy Medicine as practiced with the world's most advanced biofeedback device, the SCIO/EDUCTOR *, designed by Professor Bill Nelson.

She holds an International License of Quantum Biofeedback from IMUNE University (International Medical University of Natural Education) and a Bioresonance Certificat from BioQuantique SARL.

Jacqueline travelled and lived in different parts of the world, enabling her to gain a deep understanding of life and its challenges. She is an independent spirit who loves Liberty and presents herself as a "Citizen of the World", believing in the equality of everyone, regardless of their color, status, race, religion, etc. Her education and experience in the areas of Health, Personal Development and Management provide her with the understanding to develop innovative programs to help improve our world. She is co-creator of the Harmonization Programs H.E.L.P.I.N.G. with Agasthiya Ganesh

She is the Founder of BioQuantiQue SARL (Geneva)

Jacqueline Jacques
Switzerland: +41(0)788 99 58 49
France / Whtsapp : +33(0)6 87 67 94 23
Email: jj@quantumhelping.com
Skype: jacquelinejacques33


showcase image Over the last 9 years, Agasthiya Ganesh has developed a great interest in the "Quantum" world! He is a certified practitioner of Quantum Biofeedback and a dedicated online technical support for BioQuantique SARL (Geneva). He joined BioQuantum LLC (Dubai) as Manager.

AgasthiyaGanesh who believes that the inner Self Power can transform all humans into integrated and loving beings. He always tries to include a lot of Wisdom and Knowledge in all what he does. He takes advantage of all the opportunities offered by Astrology and Nature to learn more and more about Life.

He is from India, a country with great values and traditions. His goal is to make the Quantum philosophy known in India, to help his country rediscover its true role of inspiring the world. He travelled to different countries (France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia) to better understand the unique cultures of East and West. With Jacqueline, he is co-creator of the Remote Harmonization H.E.L.P.I.N.G. Programs.

A. Agasthiya Ganesh
Mob: + 91-99942-90095 / Fax: +91 226 645 9759
Email: ag@quantumhelping.com
Skype: agasthiya

Jean Charles Orozco

showcase image Former engineer in the Petrochemical, Nuclear, Gas and Pharmaceutical industries...where he devoted 32 years of his professional expertise working on fossil, atomic and chemical energies that were “harming” the life of the planet and its habitants......In 2018, he made a radical professional change. He decided to redirect his "energies", to Helping the Living. With a solid knowledge of instrumentation and electrotechnics processes, he began a specialization course in Radiocommunication and Health. He obtained an expert certification in
• Bio Environment
• Geobiophysics
• Permaculture and Geobiology.

In 2019 he founded his Urban Permaculture Association "La Rue", and joined the National Oasis Movement. In 2020, he created his "Ecolieu Oasis La Rue" This ecolieu is part of the international movement of Cities in Transition (Ecological Transition and Ethical Awareness).

A few years ago Jean Charles trained in Quantum Technologies & Therapies. He decided to join "Quantum Helping" to contribute to "help", the planet, the cities, its inhabitants and the Ecological living, by practicing "Organic Quantum Ecology".

Thanks to the quantum protocols created by Jacqueline Jacques and A. Agasthiya Ganesh and thanks to the marvellous Quantum Technologies of Professor William Bill Nelson

Contact :
Jean Charles Orozco
Mobile +33 6 15 87 27 96
Courriel : contact@oasislarue.fr