The H.E.L.P.I.N.G. Remote Energetic Program include 7 topics that are supported by the H.E.L.P.I.N.G. Quantum Wheel.

We have developed 2 different protocols for each of the 7 topics (total 14 protocols) More protocols will be added in the future in response to the need of the participants-



We have developed 2 programs to take into account the health situation of the participants

H1: Quantum STRESS Healing

H2: Anti-Aging / Youth, Beauty & Wellness

For those with chronic diseases

For those who want to maintain their good health


  • + Helping to manage the stress resulting from chronic/ degenerative diseases.
  • + To release all unconscious causes ; trauma at the root of the disease.
  • + To have the determination, the motivation and the will to heal and to make the necessary changes in their life.
  • + To understand the message of the disease.
  • + To enhance the healing forces of the body.
  • + To support their caregivers.


    + To harmonizes with positive frequencies the body systems and organs of the participants.
  • + To harmonize the main bio-markers of Youth, Beauty / Wellness.
  • + To promote Cellular Regeneration 
  • + To help the participants to acquire and maintain a lifestyle that promote Youth, Beauty/ Wellness.


Two programs to help participants to stimulate their mental capacities:

E1: Quantum Brain Tune-up

E2: Quantum SuperLearning



  • + To balance the 2 hemispheres of the brain.
  • + To harmonize with positive frequencies the various lobes of the brain.
  • + To balance the biochemistry of the brain (neurotransmitters, neuropeptides, etc).
  • + To change the pattern of their brain and neural pathways to create new neuronal circuits (plasticity of the brain).
  • + To create awareness for the participants to protect their brain.


  • + To stimulate the brain to enhance the learning capacities of students for maths, communication, languages, memory, emotional development, understanding, reading, writing etc.
  • + To protect the children from any learning difficulties (ADD, dyslexia, etc)
  • + To help the children in the relation with other children/students and teachers.


L1: Love relationship

L2:  Family Relationship



This protocol has been designed to assist participants 


+ To heal all past relationships.

+ To help magnetizing the perfect soul mate.

+ To improve the two partners’ emotional growth and maturity.

+ To heal inner conflicts that interfere with

fulfilling relationship.

+ Building healthy love relationships ( physically

,emotionally, mentally and spiritually ) based on mutual love.

+ To heal from heartbreaking relationships.

+ To help develop true communication skills.

+ To improve the capacity to love and to be loved.


This protocol has been designed 


+ To assist participants to heal fully their relationship with their Mother, Father, Brother(s), Sister(s), Children, Ancestors.

+ To facilitate communication in the family and to promote a good parent/child relationship.

+ To help parents to be patient, open and to love their children "unconditionally".

+ To assist families experimenting divorces and break-up .

+ To help building the larger family where we see everybody as our brother/sister.


P1: Prosperity protocol

P2: Success in Job / Business protocol



+ To enhance our Prosperity and Abundance Consciousness.

+ To heal our relationship with money.

+ To remove all blockages and false beliefs about money, abundance and "rich people".

+ To help participants to have many streams of prosperity.

+ To help participants to become rich by helping other to become rich and sharing abundance.


+ To assist participants

+ To eradicate the fear of failure/ success and all blockages.

+ To help business owners to be successful "entrepreneurs" in building a solid and creative organisation (products, strategies, clients, etc) while being the best Boss!

+ To help employees to be successful & creative in their job, to enjoy their job and to get the right money for their efforts  .


I1: Karma (Trauma) busting protocol

I2: Self-Sabotage / Victimisation protocol



To help participants.

+ To identify the physical, mental, emotional Karma / trauma affecting their life.

+ To understand the need to "De-program" the cells and chromosomes from karma & trauma.

+ To find the right approach/therapist to assist them in this healing process to become Autonomy & Independent.

+ To take the full responsibility of past karma / trauma.

+ To forgive others and oneself for the past karma.


To help participants

+ In their process of Identifying their "conditioning" and "self-sabotage" patterns.

+ Shedding old thought forms and beliefs and to replace them by more desirable ones. 

+ Freeing themselves from any "Victimisation" feelings.

+ Balancing their emotions.


N1: Freedom from Addictions

N2: Protection from radiation / electro-smog



To help participants to free themselves addictions of


+ Addictions

+ Smoking

+ Alcohol

+ Sugar

+ TV,Internet


+ To send positive energies to the participants:

+ To protect them from all negatives energies coming from mobile phone, computer, TV, wifi, corless phones, etc..

+ To build a shield of protection against radiation and electro-smog.


G1: Finding our true Passion and "uniqueness"

G2: Actualizing our true “unique” potential



To help participants

+ Finding our true creativity and "unique" talents.

+ Finding our true passion which is their reason for being on this planet.



To help participants.

+ To be at the right place, at the right time,  with the right people.

+ To fulfill our "unique" mission & potential